Francis Law

Francis studied classical and electric guitar at the age 6 in Hong Kong and won the Hong Kong Music Festival Classical Guitar Champion in 1984. He studied Er-Hu at the age 7 in Hong Kong and won The Hong Kong Music Festival Er-Hu Solo Champion (1983), as well as the Hong Kong Young Chinese Instrumentalist Award 1st runner-up (1984). He graduated from The Hong Kong Baptist University with Bachelor of Music (Hons), majored in Composition and Guitar in 1992. During the university years, he studied ErHu under renowned Er-Hu Professor Wang Guo Tong, Er-Hu Master Tang Liang-de and Wong On-yuen. In 1999, Francis won the championship in the Canadian 1st English Song Writing Quest.

He joined TVB Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Ltd as Musical Director (1991 – 1995), having composed and arranged music theme songs and underscores for TV productions / drama episode series including the highly acclaimed “File Of Justice”. He took part in the music production in collaboration with various renowned singers in Hong Kong, including Faye Wong, Leon Lai, Emil Chau, Christopher Wong, Sammi Cheng, Hacken Lee, and etc..

Francis was the Chairman and Concert Master of The Ontario Cross-Cultural Music Society Chinese Instrumental Orchestra, OCMS – CIO (2000-2005). On the education side, he has brought his students to the Royal Conservatory Examinations in Canada, with many of them having won its Regional Silver Medals, and later successfully gained admission to the Music College programs of the University of Toronto, Humber College and other well established universities in Canada, majoring in Guitar performance with full scholarships.

In 2004 and 2011, Francis was awarded commissions from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada to give official review and comment for the new launch of RCM Guitar Syllabus, Grade 1 – 8 Repertoire and Studies Album. In 2012, he served as the Principle Instrumentalist Pilot Teacher for the “iScore – Music Technology Research Project”, which was a project jointly commissioned by the Royal Conservatory of Music, the Queen’s University and the Concordia University in Canada.