About Us

The Artstra group of companies are involved in music education, music technology and STEAM education with the mission of broadening the horizons of children and youths through bringing to them the best opportunities of the West and East worlds to learn, grow and prosper.

Artstra was first founded in 2009 with a mission to deliver music and instrumental training courses for music-loving children and young people. The “ArtstrA” brand name was first created at the founding stage to aim at providing students with a platform that not just to learn music happily but also to develop their multiple intelligences through music.

The rapid pace of development in the economy, education and cultural life of the Greater China Region in recent years has driven huge demand for a whole range of music education courses. Our Group is deeply convinced that music education in the new Century is becoming globalized in such a way that if we can grasp the exchange of East-West cultural world, and the benefit of Internet and advanced information technology, we will certainly be able to bring valuable opportunities to the future generations to learn better, both for their whole-person development as well as music career at large. These changes we witnessed have prompted our Group to foster diversification in the services we provide to keep ourselves abreast with the times.

The Group’s another initiatives is to engage on research development of the proprietary music rhythmic training application “BomBomBak”. With the valuable comments gathered from music educators, the Group has started to develop the brand new online music teaching system “MusGarden Classroom”; which represents our Group’s commitment to responding to the calls from the Greater China Region for quality and innovation.

Recently, the education sector and parents have all paid extra attention to STEAM/STEM Education in Hong Kong, hoping to jump on a speed wagon to bring benefits to their students and children. While the scope of STEAM education is so wide, most of us are figuring the “what” and “how” questions such that students can achieve the best learning outcome?

To this end, we will hold two expos at the end of June 2018 by inviting all schools in Hong Kong to come and visit us, have a glimpse of a number of pinoneering educational technology solutions, including a few of mini robots and robotic courses, rhythm online teaching system, interactive multi-touch display, campus TV, STEM lab, Code Club and etc.

Artstra took up sole distributorship from the Edinburgh University originated Robotical to introduce the mini walking robot “Marty the Robot” to Hong Kong education sector. Marty’s advantage of “Open-design” philosophy ensures everything from electronics to the 3-D-printable mechanical parts of the robot can be modified by kids, makers and educators. Marty the Robot has made the learning of the art of programming, robotics, electronics and mechanical design possible and not costly at all for beginners.

In the coming days, the Group will spare no efforts to develop and implement online teaching systems, music competitions and exchange programmes, as well as introducing affordable music and STEAM contents, software and hardware for local and neighboring areas to meet their needs of quality education.