Thierry Miroglio

“Thierry Miroglio appartient aux grands percussionistes contemporains” – Wolfgang Mastnak, Salzburger Volkszeitung

Since several years Thierry Miroglio is realizing a brilliant solo career where he is invited to give in forty countries recitals and solo concerts in numerous venues and prestigious festivals such as Salzburg, Philharmonie Berlin, New York, Wien Konzerthaus, Boston, Besançon, San Francisco, Munich, Schleswig Holstein, Madrid, Rome, Tokyo, Milan, Zagreb, Nice, Köln, Paris, Hamburg, Athen, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires Colon Theater, Genève, Brugge concertgebouw, Bucarest, Bejing, Amsterdam, Linz Brucknerhaus, Rio, Darmstadt, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Mexico, Seoul, Shanghai.

Thierry Miroglio is one of the very few percussionists in the world to realize such a high level of solo activity, which includes a repertoire of more than 350 works (solo and concerti).

He has collaborated with many different studios of electroacoustic music research (Ircam, Grm, Keams Seoul, Eamc Shanghai, Beams Boston, Cemc Peking…), and gives recitals which join music, visual and numeric arts and other artistic forms such as theater (S.Monfort) and dance (J.Cl.Gallotta, Trisha Brown).

Numerous international radio and television stations have recorded his concerts, or have done productions and recordings with his participation (recently the Saarbrücken German Radio dedicated him one broadcasting).

Thierry Miroglio pursued percussion studies with the eminent soloists Jean-Pierre Drouet and Sylvio Gualda, with whom he obtained a first Prize at the National Conservatory of Versailles. He also pursued studies in musical acoustics at the Sorbonne with Iannis Xenakis. He studied harmony and counterpoint, and received First Prize for chamber music at the National Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt.