Marty the Robot (STEM) 暑期 小機械人日營

藝思淘 Marty the Robot (STEM ) 暑期小機械人日營

7月 16日 – 7月19日
7月 23日 – 7月26日
7月30日 – 6月2日
8月6日 – 8月9日
8月13日 – 8月16日

9:15am – 11:15am
11:30am – 1:30am
2:30pm – 4:00pm
4:30pm – 6:30pm

*日期及時間 請選其一
每班人數: 不多過 8位 (年齡由 8歳至14歲)
總時數: 8小時
費用: $3,500
二人同行, 每位減至 $3,200 (合共節省$600)
如課程完成後, 學員可以用$1200購買(原價$1,980)由自己構建的是小機器人Marty



·挑戰學生編程Marty, 使用基本的預先指定的Scratch塊繞過障礙課程。


Marty The Robot Easter Camp 2018 (STEM) by ArtstrA Hong Kong

July 16 -19
July 23 – 26
July 30 – August 2
August 6 – August 9
August 13 – August 16

9:15am – 11:15am
11:30am – 1:30am
2:30pm – 4:00pm
4:30pm – 6:30pm

*Please pick 1 time slot and date

Session 1: (2 hours)
Unbox Marty from UK and start to build it by yourself

Session 2: (2 hours)
Finish any built process still required
Get Marty connected to the WIFI
Calibrate Marty
Use app controller to understand basic Marty actions and movements

Session 3: (2 hours)
Use Scratch to complete some pre-prescribed movements such as “walk #steps forward”, “wiggle” and “turn left #steps”.
Challenge the students to program Marty to walk around an obstacle course using the basic pre-prescribed Scratch blocks.

Session 4: (2 hours)
Get the students to use more complex Scratch blocks to get Marty to walk without the pre-prescribed Scratch blocks. (The act of getting Marty to walk is not just one line of code as illustrated in the “walk #steps forward” Scratch block. Instead it is many lines of code asking each motor to move in a select way at several different points.) the students should observe and note down what Marty is doing when he is walking and then develop a program using the more complex Scratch blocks (e.g. “lift left leg”, “move right hip to #degrees”, “lower leg”) to make Marty walk forward. the goal is to get the student to understand the many levels of code that are needed to form a function.

If there is any time left the students can investigate the textual language behind each of the scratch blocks they have just written. This will result in the student having a long script of textual code that relates directly to the tangible motion they have programmed with the “walk forward #steps” Scratch block.

If this structure is followed the students will learn about two core areas: Mechanics and programming. The mechanics in first introduced in the build stage and is then further reinforced when the students begin to get Marty moving. This progression from inanimate to animate then fosters an interest in the process of making this happen, programming. The students then starts by leaning about basic coding structure and sequencing, progressing to an understanding of the complexities of each function and the process of making a programming function. The end result should be a student that is more comfortable and knowledgeable about both mechanical systems and the processes that make them work.

Class price: HK$ 3,500
Enjoy total $600 in saving for 2 students joining together ($3,200 each)
Special offer: Add $1200 (original price $1980) to take your Marty home for further development


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